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Friday Freebie #4 Describing others

Friday Freebie time.

I want to give you something that I literally cannot teach without. Keep scrolling, it’s at the bottom of the page.

It’s a little gem of a resource, one that I whip out almost every week. Mostly for younger pupils but I am sometimes forced to shove it under the nose of a sixth former. Grrrrr.

It’s a learning mat. The topic is descriptions.  This resource was screaming out to be created- let’s face it, who of us has a full class who can spell yeux, cheveux and use avoir and être appropriately when describing themselves and other people? Personne?

So I crammed everything on there. Eye and hair colour- naturally. Body type- of course. But here is where it is special- it also gives the pupils the vocabulary to describe the way they look both in more detail and in a more relevant way than our textbooks and outdated PowerPoints allow. For example: ‘I wear braces’; ‘I have pierced ears’; ‘I have blonde highlights’; ‘I have an athletic body’ and even ‘I have a tattoo’ (for which they usually write- with my support- something like je n’ai pas de tatouage mais j’ai les oreilles percées).

Lots of girls where I teach sport a rather defined and thick brow. In fact, some of them shave off their natural eyebrow hair and draw them on instead. I’m not kidding. So these little lovelies can use the learning mat to write ‘j’ai les sourcils épais, je me maquille et j’ai des extensions de cheveux’.

Just before you download this treasure, I need to tell you that I have other learning mats in many other topics. The perfect follow up to today’s Friday freebie is the personalities learning mat. Example sentence they could create from it: ‘Normalement, je suis travailleur et organisé, mais quand je suis fatigué je suis un peu paresseux et très oublieux’.

I hope you love it. I have loads more at my TES shop . Please subscribe if you want Friday Freebies straight to your inbox. Ps. This week’s new subscribers will be getting a special thank you email with a resource attached.

Passez un bon weekend,

Betsy Belle





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European Day of Languages

So many of us will be dashing to Lidl en route to school tomorrow and grabbing a load of brioche and croissants for European Day of Languages celebrations. Then spending the morning challenging pupils to construct monuments and landmarks out of paper straws and spaghetti. Prancing round in our national dress during lunch hour teaching traditional dances. Whatever you are doing, if you need a break just print off these A4 board games, pour yourself a coffee and give yourself a well earned break for a minute or two.

2 board games (one easy, one hard) challenging pupils to recognise basic words such as please, thank you, hello and goodbye in a range of European languages. The answers are provided so you don’t have to do anything. Extend it by giving them a time frame and getting them to see who can win the most times. Or challenge them to create their own version (they could use phones or ipads to research questions). Have a break…on me!



ps. I am not working tomorrow but out of respect for European Day of Languages I will a start the day with a little pain aux raisins and café au lait, move on to a few light tapas dishes at midday and cook up a hearty beef bourguignon for tea. Oh no, it’s day of European languages not cuisine. Oh well. I could listen to the Gypsy Kings as I cook, that should cover it?!

Mini plug: more board games available at my TES shop. For Friday freebies please subscribe. Have a great week.

Betsy Belle



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Friday Freebie #3

Anybody else find that very first lesson a bit tough? You know that the basics are essential but year after year find yourself drawing smiley and sad faces on the board and feel that your first lesson a basically a bit of a flop? And nobody wants that. So it was out with the smiley faces, in with a cool interactive quiz. a PowerPoint; a follow me card game and a learning mat. Better, much better.

It’s Friday and it’s the first week back so here’s a whole bundle of first lesson freebies. Spread the word. And maybe subscribe?!

Interactive Quiz




Learning Mat




Follow Me Cards


For more resources, visit my TES shop

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Happy first lessons