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European Day of Languages

So many of us will be dashing to Lidl en route to school tomorrow and grabbing a load of brioche and croissants for European Day of Languages celebrations. Then spending the morning challenging pupils to construct monuments and landmarks out of paper straws and spaghetti. Prancing round in our national dress during lunch hour teaching traditional dances. Whatever you are doing, if you need a break just print off these A4 board games, pour yourself a coffee and give yourself a well earned break for a minute or two.

2 board games (one easy, one hard) challenging pupils to recognise basic words such as please, thank you, hello and goodbye in a range of European languages. The answers are provided so you don’t have to do anything. Extend it by giving them a time frame and getting them to see who can win the most times. Or challenge them to create their own version (they could use phones or ipads to research questions). Have a break…on me!



ps. I am not working tomorrow but out of respect for European Day of Languages I will a start the day with a little pain aux raisins and café au lait, move on to a few light tapas dishes at midday and cook up a hearty beef bourguignon for tea. Oh no, it’s day of European languages not cuisine. Oh well. I could listen to the Gypsy Kings as I cook, that should cover it?!

Mini plug: more board games available at my TES shop. For Friday freebies please subscribe. Have a great week.

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  1. I like the idea of constructing monuments out of spaghetti! We always do the same thing… Food tasting (after a mad dash round Aldi to find as much food as possible that Year 7s will actually eat and not spit out); a student quiz to see which non-MFL teachers can speak other languages; a plea to said non-MFL teachers to have a go at speaking a bit of ‘foreign’ in their lessons, with a bottle of wine as an incentive to try and be nominated by students for having a go. It’s nothing too exciting, but has worked for the last few years. I’ll be interested to read other people’s ideas for the day to spice things up for next year though ?

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