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Friday Freebie #4 Describing others

Friday Freebie time.

I want to give you something that I literally cannot teach without. Keep scrolling, it’s at the bottom of the page.

It’s a little gem of a resource, one that I whip out almost every week. Mostly for younger pupils but I am sometimes forced to shove it under the nose of a sixth former. Grrrrr.

It’s a learning mat. The topic is descriptions.  This resource was screaming out to be created- let’s face it, who of us has a full class who can spell yeux, cheveux and use avoir and être appropriately when describing themselves and other people? Personne?

So I crammed everything on there. Eye and hair colour- naturally. Body type- of course. But here is where it is special- it also gives the pupils the vocabulary to describe the way they look both in more detail and in a more relevant way than our textbooks and outdated PowerPoints allow. For example: ‘I wear braces’; ‘I have pierced ears’; ‘I have blonde highlights’; ‘I have an athletic body’ and even ‘I have a tattoo’ (for which they usually write- with my support- something like je n’ai pas de tatouage mais j’ai les oreilles percées).

Lots of girls where I teach sport a rather defined and thick brow. In fact, some of them shave off their natural eyebrow hair and draw them on instead. I’m not kidding. So these little lovelies can use the learning mat to write ‘j’ai les sourcils épais, je me maquille et j’ai des extensions de cheveux’.

Just before you download this treasure, I need to tell you that I have other learning mats in many other topics. The perfect follow up to today’s Friday freebie is the personalities learning mat. Example sentence they could create from it: ‘Normalement, je suis travailleur et organisé, mais quand je suis fatigué je suis un peu paresseux et très oublieux’.

I hope you love it. I have loads more at my TES shop . Please subscribe if you want Friday Freebies straight to your inbox. Ps. This week’s new subscribers will be getting a special thank you email with a resource attached.

Passez un bon weekend,

Betsy Belle





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