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Friday Freebie #5

When the heck is half term? Seriously- this is breaking point for me, I can’t take much more. European Day of Languages, Open Evening, data collection, a pile of books that haven’t yet seen a green tick never mind a purple pupil response. HELP!!!!

But apparently it is world smile day so I’m going to plaster a grin on my face, grit my teeth and hang on till the weekend. And in an attempt to bring a smile to the faces of my fellow Languages teachers, I bring you another Friday freebie.

What is it? An interactive quiz. It’s a PowerPoint which has a grid with twelve boxes to choose from. The pupil picks a box and has to answer a multiple choice question. If answered correctly, a celebration sound is triggered; incorrectly triggers an ‘oh no’ sound that the pupils absolutely adore. (So much so that sometimes they get it wrong on purpose!)

I use it as a starter. I mean, brand new, never been seen before vocab so that they have to make links between the languages. It’s a fun start to the new topic. Others have told me they use it like noughts and crosses- four in a row etc. And when they beg me to play again I often do it with a classroom timer so the two teams can compete. I time how long it takes for them to answer every question correctly, winning team leaves the class first. It’s a bit chaotic but I love a noisy classroom if every single kid is engaged in the activity. It’s also a subtle yet effective way to develop translating skills; they reallyhave to pay attention to the small but important words such as souvent, mais, trop.

Little tip- draw a quick replica of the question grid on the whiteboard so that pupils can keep track of which question they have answered.

I have the selected snacks/cafe food interactive quiz. Please let me know what other topics you would be happy to see. Even if you are not up to food at this point in the school year, it’s a great end of week/end of term treat.

Last week, new subscribers were sent an extra little resource. Follow me this week for the same. But next week ALL my followers, new and old, are in for a special something- watch this space and spread the word. (There should be an option somewhere to subscribe- a little black box with FOLLOW either in the sidebar or at the bottom of the post). I’ll double check it is working and amend if necessary.

Betsy Belle




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