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Friday Freebie: Follow Me The Basics

It has been a while. A long while. I have had a slight change in direction and have switched form secondary to primary so much of my effort has gone into that. And boy did I make a good move there! I am absolutely loving every second. I whizz in and out of classrooms and up and down corridors calling out ‘bonjour’ and ‘hola’ as I go. I deliver nifty little 30 minute sessions and cram as much as I can into every second. These kids lap it up and I am constantly in awe of how much they can produce in that short space of time. I must do a blog post about ‘speed teaching’. And another on storytelling. But I am simply posting to say:

  1. I am back to blogging
  2. It’s Friday so it’s time for a freebie.

This freebie is a follow me game. I’m sure you know what to do but just in case you haven’t played before…

Cut up the 16 cards. Distribute at the door for a snappy start to the lesson. The pupil with the word START stands up and asks, “who has ‘bonjour?'”, triggering the next pupil to stand up and say “I have ‘hello’, who has ‘merci?'” and then the person with thank you stands up and says “I have thank you, who has…” and so on.

To make it more fun and competitive you could do it twice and time it to see which group completes it fastest. For a small group see if they can beat their previous time. Tell them how quickly the other class did it. Or one of my favourite things to do is ask them to form a circle by standing next to the appropriate card. This causes chaos but chaos of the best kind. And it really does get them to communicate.

follow me basics french and spanish


Happy Friday.

Betsy Belle

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