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Friday Freebie #10 Doodle Sheet


A few teachers have asked for the doodle sheet in an alternative l font so I have whipped up two options: good old comic sans and a French handwriting font. All 3 fonts are now included within the document so you can select and print your preferred pages. Click the link below for the updated document. 

Descriptions multi font ready

I made my first doodle sheet a few weeks ago to engage pupils in the first week back when us teachers need to revisit core vocabulary and the kids are having none of it. Fair enough it can feel quite punishing to retreat back to the very start but even worse for us is when the pupils seem to have forgotten the very basics of the language. I was hoping to win them over with a good hook and decided to just try and make a blinkin’ gorgeous worksheet.

So I got crafty with my clip art and went for a ‘doodle’ design (this isn’t a technical term it’s just what I call them!) The first sheet models the language for pupils and the second sheet is blank for them to fill in. Sounds like I have reinvented the wheel but I’ve heard back from a few teachers that the design has gone down well with their teenagers so mission accomplished.

I have 3 versions now: All about me (in French and Spanish), Film Review (French) and Descriptions (French). The descriptions doodle sheet is my gift to you today- scroll to the bottom to download it. More doodle sheets are on the way…please feel free to email me your topic requests.

Here is the video to accompany the ‘all about me’ doodle sheet. Scroll down for the Friday Freebie.

And here is your Friday Freebie…

Descriptions doodle sheet


Happy doodling,

Michelle (Betsy Belle)

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Friday Freebie #9 Speed Dating Activity

What an amazing feeling last week’s Friday Freebie gave me- warm and fuzzy and all that good stuff. So many little snippets of positive feedback and all those blue thumbs on Facebook. I played with my Year 4s today who loved it (after I had explained who the main characters of Pride and Prejudice are). If you didn’t catch last week’s Friday Freebie you can get it here. If you loved the game and want the other version too (where live, fave food and fave hobby) click here.

I’m sticking with the theme and sending the pupils on a speed dating mission. No romancing necessary but lots of conversing in the language of love! Here’s the set up:

  1. Show the PowerPoint slide with 8 questions.
  2. Show model answers on the second slide.
  3. Consolidate with short comprehension match up (match 8 questions to 8 answers)
  4. Distribute cards.
  5. Pupils stand up and circulate as you play some French music.
  6. When music stops they answer as many questions as possible and jot down their partner’s answers on their card.
  7. Extend by getting pupils to write out their own answers to the questions.
  8. Extend further by allowing them to answer as if they were one of the people from the matching hearts activity (or any well known person).

If you would like to purchase the Valentine’s bundle (£3 on TES for a PowerPoint; the full matching hearts game and a Valentine’s card) click here. Or scroll down for the freebie.

Happy speed dating!

Click Le speed-dating for your Speed dating Freebie.

Betsy Belle

PS. I have added a few more resources to my website- please take a quick look– they are cheaper here than on TES! Look out for discount codes in next week’s Friday Freebie.


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Friday Freebie #8 Valentine’s Hearts Activity

Find your matching heart and speak the language of love! This cute little speaking activity will get your pupils out of their seats and moving around the room. They have a heart with a name on and an instruction to find their other half eg. Tu es Barack Obama- trouve Michelle. They then go around asking ‘Comment t’appelles-tu?’ until they find their partner. You could play this a few times against a classroom timer to see if they get faster each time at finding their other half. The full version with all four games is here but keep scrolling for the free version.

You can reduce the level of challenge by printing in colour and telling the pupils that their partner has the same colour heart as them. Reward points/credits for pupils you hear speaking in French or pupils who tag on salut and aurevoir to their interactions.

I have three more sets of these which will use the questions ‘Ou habites-tu’, ‘Qu’est-ce que tu aimes manger?’ and ‘Qu’est-ce que tu aimes faire?’ This can be followed up with a speed dating activity where pupils have a grid and fill in information about their classmates during each ‘date’. By this point the language needed will be familiar so they should be able to speed date with confidence.

Please take a look at the website- Shop I now have 3 resources uploaded to the shop. (Only 150 to add!!!) If you buy directly from my website you get the resources cheaper than I sell them on TES and TPT and you will receive discount codes for future purchases as well.

Happy speed dating,


Betsy Belle

valentine’s day speaking activity


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Friday Freebie #7 Perfect Tense Booklet

So…teaching the perfect tense. Or any grammar point really. I just never seem to have bright and engaging resources. I have PowerPoints form the late 90s and tatty worksheets photocopied from textbooks so I spend an inordinate amount of time prancing round the room with flashcards and playing games to compensate! So I have eventually got round to making some perfect tense resources which will give me a chance to relax…

The first bundle focuses on regular -er verbs and includes a PowerPoint, two speaking activities, two follow me games, a writing booklet and a board game. It is great value and I will continue to add to it in the coming weeks. If you fancy buying it just click this link Perfect Tense Bundle.

I am giving you the booklet today as a Friday Freebie (I know it is Monday but who wants to wait?!) Here it is… perfect tense booklet er verbs ready enjoy!

Betsy Belle