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Friday Freebie #7 Perfect Tense Booklet

So…teaching the perfect tense. Or any grammar point really. I just never seem to have bright and engaging resources. I have PowerPoints form the late 90s and tatty worksheets photocopied from textbooks so I spend an inordinate amount of time prancing round the room with flashcards and playing games to compensate! So I have eventually got round to making some perfect tense resources which will give me a chance to relax…

The first bundle focuses on regular -er verbs and includes a PowerPoint, two speaking activities, two follow me games, a writing booklet and a board game. It is great value and I will continue to add to it in the coming weeks. If you fancy buying it just click this link Perfect Tense Bundle.

I am giving you the booklet today as a Friday Freebie (I know it is Monday but who wants to wait?!) Here it is… perfect tense booklet er verbs ready¬†enjoy!

Betsy Belle