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Friday Freebie #10 Doodle Sheet


A few teachers have asked for the doodle sheet in an alternative l font so I have whipped up two options: good old comic sans and a French handwriting font. All 3 fonts are now included within the document so you can select and print your preferred pages. Click the link below for the updated document. 

Descriptions multi font ready

I made my first doodle sheet a few weeks ago to engage pupils in the first week back when us teachers need to revisit core vocabulary and the kids are having none of it. Fair enough it can feel quite punishing to retreat back to the very start but even worse for us is when the pupils seem to have forgotten the very basics of the language. I was hoping to win them over with a good hook and decided to just try and make a blinkin’ gorgeous worksheet.

So I got crafty with my clip art and went for a ‘doodle’ design (this isn’t a technical term it’s just what I call them!) The first sheet models the language for pupils and the second sheet is blank for them to fill in. Sounds like I have reinvented the wheel but I’ve heard back from a few teachers that the design has gone down well with their teenagers so mission accomplished.

I have 3 versions now: All about me (in French and Spanish), Film Review (French) and Descriptions (French). The descriptions doodle sheet is my gift to you today- scroll to the bottom to download it. More doodle sheets are on the way…please feel free to email me your topic requests.

Here is the video to accompany the ‘all about me’ doodle sheet. Scroll down for the Friday Freebie.

And here is your Friday Freebie…

Descriptions doodle sheet


Happy doodling,

Michelle (Betsy Belle)