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Friday Freebie #12 France sheet

This is something I like to send home as a homework early on in the term. Unsurprisingly it is always a firm favourite, especially amongst the girls. But if you’re anything like me it’s painstakingly difficult to even put it on the photocopier because it is essentially a colouring sheet. I once did it as an emergency back up lesson when the computer was broken and I didn’t have the energy for anything more adventurous and they spent the entire lesson colouring in and telling me it was their best French lesson all year (!) Like many of us, I try to avoid colouring in during lesson time but I do think it is important to allow pupils to take pride in their work, enjoy making things look pretty and benefit from the relaxation and escapism that colouring provides. I would just rather them do it at home so rather than use in class I will set it as a homework. The second sheet is an alternative for those who don’t enjoy colouring. I ask them instead to go on a fact-finding mission and fill the boxes with whatever they discover about France and French culture. Often pupils will return with the second sheet filled in with sentences about themselves which is great as well!

That’s all from me…but take a look at my Valentine’s stuff and get ready for that last week of term.

Happy Friday


(Betsy Belle) x

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  1. Thank you for this resource – perfect for my first French club session, saved me lots of time, feel the children will enjoy.

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