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You Tube videos

So, in light of the current situation, lots of us are looking for ways we can connect with our students at distance. I currently have many resources in the shop are of the site which are on sale or free. Take a look and download some freebies by clicking here.

Another option is to direct your students to my You Tube channel. There are plenty of videos from grammar explanations to cultural clips and animations. I have shared a few below to give you an idea of what is available. Please share links with others and if you can leave a few words of feedback anywhere that is always appreciated.

So, subscribe to the channel to be kept up to date and maybe recommend your students to subscribe- there are quite a few GCSE revision videos for UK teachers to set as revision.

I hope everybody is healthy and safe. Look after each other. We will get through this. xxx

2 thoughts on “You Tube videos

  1. Hi Betsy

    I really love your video of the mini me craft on Facebook and have downloaded the Powerpoint with the template so thank you for that! Please could you possibly upload the video to your Youtube channel so that I can post the link to my students? They will absolutely love it!

    Thank you so much again! Love your resources! 🙂

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      That’s lovely feedback, thank you ???? I have uploaded that for you onto my You Tube channel, you can follow this link

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