Animals Quiz




Starter? Classroom talk? Such an engaging resource- my pupils can’t get enough of this activity.
In pairs pupils do the quiz and find out what their ideal pet is. In the target language they ask things such as, ‘tu aimes caresser les animaux?’ and ‘tu veux mettre ton animal dans un cage?’ to reach a conclusion.
They LOVE it. But it is more than just a hook. The activity can be manipulated- pupils can use the structures within the quiz to produce a complex answer to the question ‘as-tu un animal?’ with a response such as ‘oui, j’ai un animal, j’ai un chien car je préfère les grands animaux. Je voudrais avoir un lapin mais je ne veux pas mettre mon animal dans une cage. Je n’habite pas sur une ferme donc je n’ai pas de vaches mais j’ai un grand jardin et ma mère voudrait une chèvre car elle aime le fromage.’
(Obviously this will need some scaffolding perhaps in the form of a writing frame but how refreshing to bask in the joy of the final outcome!)


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