Bedroom Furniture Follow Me Cards




A simple set of Follow Me Cards to practise bedroom furniture nouns’
The set comes with 16 cards with the option to add extras if you wish on the spare sheet.
This number works well with an average sized class because you can give one card per pair
or you can give one half of the class a pair and time how long it takes them to complete their round,
then see of the second half of the class can beat that time.

You might choose to differentiate by giving some students multiple cards, increasing the challenge as they listen for
one of two or three possible statements. Equally, you may choose to buddy up some students so that their are two or more sets of eyes and ears on a single card.

These cards can be a nice way of injecting some fun and competition into the lesson. Another fun way of using them is to create a human circle so that they are standing in the correct order according to their noun and their question.


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