Bedroom Furniture PowerPoint


Bedroom furniture French PowerPoint.



This PowerPoint introduces the vocabulary then follows up with some interactive slides to practice the new language.
– Flying words game
-Missing words game
-Under the spotlight game
-Hidden pictures game

Then there is a listening grid with 9 pictures representing the new language.
Students can listen to you say and 6 and note down the correct letter.

Next is a speaking activity. On the slide is a prompt question followed by a simple model response.
‘Qu’est-ce qu’il y a dans ta chambre?’
Your students can use this as a guide when preparing their own answer. H

The next slide is an ‘all on one page’ vocabulary sheet. This has nouns, sentence starters and more question prompts.
The ‘all on one page’ sheet is useful for supporting students to produce a longer piece of writing.
It is also a great slide to print off and use as a learning mat or send home as revision or learning homework.

The final slide is a simple exit game of noughts and crosses.


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