Extreme Sports PowerPoint




This PowerPoint introduces extreme sports, consolidates learning, develops pupil dialogue, tests comprehension and culminates in a written paragraph full of opinions about extreme sports with justification and a range of tenses.

Slide 1. Extreme Sports Vocabulary
Slide 2. Match up French to English.
Slide 3. Categorising activity
Slide 4. Simple Q&A with model answers
Slide 5. Simple Opinions
Slide 6. Advanced Opinions
Slide 7. Categorise ‘for’ and ‘against’ opinions.
Slide 8. Short comprehension.
Slide 9. Sentence starters in a range of tenses.
Slide 10. Teacher v. Class Battle
Slide 11. SuperSentence writing frame
Slide 12. Pupil dialogues with checklist
Slide 13. Extension Activity/Homework
Slide 14. Hyperlinks to websites of interest with notes for teachers.


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