School Equipment Follow Me Cards


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There are 11 different colour cards and 15 different school equipment cards. You may wish to combine these in order to give one card per pupil.
The pupil with the card ‘DEBUT’ begins and asks their question ‘Qui a bleu?’
The next pupil has a card saying ‘J’ai bleu’ and they shout this out before asking their own question ‘Qui a rouge?’

NB. You may prefer to use the French-Digit version of the cards which requires pupils to listen to the French ‘Qui a bleu?’ and answer ‘J’ai bleu or J’ai blue’. This increases the level of challenge.

The game continues, each pupil shouting out their card and prompting the next pupil until the last pupil arrives at ‘LA FIN’.
Once pupils are used to the game you will find that they enjoy racing against the clock. I usually do 2 or 3 rounds without the clock and then give them a chance to beat their record.


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