Valentine’s Speaking Activity KS2


Distribute hearts to all pupils and they have to find their matching heart.
Game 1 is matching names eg. Tu es Barack Obama, trouve Michelle. (Other half = Tu es Michelle).
Game 2 is matching places eg. Tu veux visiter New York. (Other half = Tu habites a New York).
Game 3 is matching hobbies eg. Tu aimes faire du sport. (Other half = tu es sportif).
Game 4 is matching food eg. Tu aimes la cuisine italienne. (Other half = tu aimes la pizza).

There are 16 matching pairs (32 halves) in each game but if your class is bigger i have included spare hearts for you to add your own. If your class is smaller simply leave some pairs out. The hearts are backed in colour for differentiation (tell pupils their matching half shares the same background colour.) Or print on in black and white to increase challenge.

Make it more romantic by playing French love songs in the background as they circulate and only stop when the music pauses. Or tell them it is like speed dating and they need to find their matching heart before the music stops. Reward pupils for any French interaction you hear as they circulate the room.


Valentine’s theme speaking activity


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