Virtual Field Trip to France


Virtual Trip to France

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Are you ready to explore France in this Virtual Field Trip? Plan your trip, pack your suitcase and get ready for an exciting cross curricular virtual adventure to France all from the comfort of your classroom! Students will visit France via PowerPoint or Google Slides. Both versions are included in the zip file. The first few slides encourage students to make predicitions about the country, its geography and culture.

Next the students find out where they are visiting and are asked to discover where that is compared to their home and plan how they will travel (this could be with hard materials available to them or online).

Now the journey is planned students will learn five key facts including the capital, th efloag, currency, the official language and the typical climate.

Moving onto Geography students will learn some facts and see some beautiful visuals including labelled maps and a video (the video is made by me so no external links to you tube etc are needed).

Students are shown 8 landmarks with the option to click links to see them in 3D (if your students are allowed to do so).

Students learn about some French delicacies- there is something about food that always hits the spot and this is always popular activity in my classroom!

Students then have some summarising activities such as making polaroid pictures and writing a postcard.

Finally students put themselves to the test in a ten question true or false quiz.

I have included a certifcate for students which they receive at the end of the virtual field trip.


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